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Life as an Intern

Life as an Intern

By Roselle Events
9 Jul 2013
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Breaking into a field like event management isn’t easy... but these girls seem to be getting on quite well at Roselle!

Name: Anastasia

Length of internship: Five months

Office: Edinburgh

Born and raised: I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but also grew up in Seattle/Bellevue, WA, USA, and bounced around to a few other places too!

University: Northeastern University (Boston, USA)

Favourite aspect of event planning: I love the feedback! It is so rewarding to dedicate all of my hard work and time to something, see it brought to life, and then enjoyed by a client! There is nothing better than seeing a huge smile on a client’s face, and hearing how happy they are with what we’ve created together!

Favourite type of event to plan: All of them—but I have been really keen to do more weddings recently!

Why Roselle?: Roselle and 301170 were at the top of my list for co-op. Not only is the team chock-full of amazing and talented people, they are all full of life and have an unbeatable passion for planning and managing events. I definitely got my dream job when Roselle decided to take me on board!

Favourite memory of Roselle so far: I love the team and how fun and upbeat everything is! No one is shy to make fun of my accent or just have a laugh in general—it’s great!


Name: Rachel

Length of internship: Three months

Office: Aberdeen

Born and raised: I have lived in Aberdeen all my life and really love living here.

University: Robert Gordon’s University (Aberdeen)

Favourite aspect of event planning: I love the initial stages of event planning, juggling 100 jobs at one time and rushing around trying to get everything planned and organised for the day. I also love being on-site at an event, seeing all the attendee’s smiling away and having a good time. That itself is incredibly rewarding.

Favourite type of event to plan: Such a typical answer but genuinely all of them!

Why Roselle?:The team here at Roselle are amazing, everyone is so enthusiastic and incredibly talented. I’ve already learnt so much about event planning and organisation since being here and I’m looking forward to learning even more over the remaining few months. The team are very welcoming and their passion for planning and managing events shines everyday, whether on-site or in the office.

Favourite memory of Roselle so far: There’s always fun to be had everyday, whether in the office or on-site... as well as a lot of hard work!