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The Scottish Stay-cation

The Scottish Stay-cation

By Roselle Events
12 Jul 2013
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Who said your holiday had to take you further than your city centre?

Welcome To Summer: The Stay-cation

After several frozen months in Bonnie Scotland, we at Roselle are happy to turn our dreams of Summer holidays into reality. Whether it’s a beach, a mountain, or even the middle of the forest; escaping the fast paced life of the work world is a Summer-must!

Suddenly, though, as we dive into this holiday season, the looming cost of our dream holidays don’t seem to match up with the reality of our budgets.

When dealing with events or holidays, budgeting is just as important to plan as the flowers, tickets, or the food. That’s why, if you have a small budget that doesn’t seem to allow for that dream vacation on the islands of Thailand, this month’s first blog post is going to focus on a budget-friendly way to escape the fast-paced life you lead, while staying in your own home—your own personal stay-cation!

So, in order to enjoy this stay-cation, you’re going to need to do some homework as to what you would like to do on holiday and finalise a budget for yourself, just as you would for any other holiday! For this we’ve created a small and simple stay-cation check-list.



  •  Ask for any days off work that may be necessary, and then start to plan this amazing getaway for one! 




  • After reviewing your budget, decide what elements of your holiday are most important to you, and would therefore be given extra £££! If you’re staying at home then you are already saving yourself the cost of travel and hotels!
  • The night before you ‘leave’, remember to pack! On holiday you have only a few outfit choices to worry about, so do that for yourself at home—maybe even allocate a part of your budget to buy nice new clothes for your holiday! Keep the stress down to a minimum by maximising your planning!
  • Tell everyone in the office you will not be reachable while away on holiday this weekend. Seriously.
  • The moment you get home turn off all of your electronics—really! The whole point of a holiday is to escape, and there is no way to escape when you’ve got something ringing or buzzing every five minutes! Do yourself a favour and turn them off! If anything, allow yourself one hour of the day with your electronics to make sure everything ‘at home’ is okay.
  • Get some scented candles out, dim the lights, pour a glass of nice wine, listen to that amazing playlist you created, and relax, you’re on holiday!
  • Order in from a swanky (or not so swanky?) restaurant that you love or have been dying to try.–Your own personal room service!
  • Go to bed when you feel like it and don’t set an alarm!
  • Wake up and go grab breakfast from a nice, local café—there is no functioning kitchen in this ‘hotel.’
  • Be a tourist in your town. See the sights! How many times have you told yourself you would go to that museum? Hike to see that amazing view of the city skyline? Buy a postcard & write to a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Who knows, you may even find some local gems that you didn’t even realise existed!   

                                                      YOU ARE ON STAY-CATION—make the most of it!

  • Enjoy local cuisines recommended by the Lonely Planet or Rick Steves travel books. 
  • Head to that cocktail bar celebrities head to when they’re in town!—we hear the bartenders are almost as delicious as the drinks!


  • Sunday morning brunch. It’s a thing—we promise. Bucks Fizz anyone?
  • Mosey around and do whatever you would like, it’s a stay-cation and there are absolutely no rules!

Now, without any need to convince ourselves further, we are going to head off and enjoy our weekend stay-cations, and we hope this fun idea has inspired you to do the same!

Where are you from? What kinds of things are you going to do for your stay-cation?

Let us know! We would love to hear what all of you are up to!