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Conference & Awards Dinner

Conference & Awards Dinner

In order to show recognition and share the coming year’s plan, we were asked to create a 1 day conference and Awards Dinner in the office’s local town – Edinburgh.  They wanted a modern venue and then a contrasted dinner venue for the evening.

60 people/ Edinburgh City/HR Conference to bring together the whole department and celebrate successes/A modern venue with a twist of tradition

To ensure we used a modern venue for the meeting space we recommended the new and fashionable Hotel Missoni.  This venue provided the meeting space along with contemporary breakout areas and a lovely authentic Italian lunch and snacks for throughout the day.  The hotel could accommodate the group as well as hold all the meeting requirements and, due to the style of the hotel, this was a new venue in the city centre.

To contrast the modern and contemporary venue where the meeting was being held, we injected a traditional taste of Edinburgh with the dinner venue.  To do this we held the Awards Dinner at The Caves and arranged for a local guide to talk the guests through the history of Edinburgh en route to the dinner venue.