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Medical Sales Conference

Medical Sales Conference

A pharmaceutical conference held in Edinburgh for 650 delegates, bringing together five franchises to celebrate successes and kick off the year ahead.

650 people/Edinburgh/Pharmaceutical/Kick-off Sales Conference/A location within the UK that could offer amazing conference space, accommodation and dinner venues

Roselle were tasked with finding a location that was UK based, that the delegates hadn't been to recently. Our event brief was to find a central venue that could manage a plenary conference room for 650 people plus a large number of workshops that would be running simulatenously across all three days. Accomodation and logistics would need to be managed with bedroom requirements across a number of hotels due to the size of conference. The client also required 5 off-site dinner venues to be found that could host the different franchises separetly on the same night, plus an after party location.

After proposing Liverpool and Edinburgh as possible conference destinations, our client chose our home city of Edinburgh.  Edinburgh was an easy hub for delegates to travel to whether it is by train, plane or by car.  The conference took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) due to its location amongst a group of hotels, and also due to the fact it hosts high quality technical conference facilities and had the meeting space available to cope with our client's requirements.

The conference had a subtle Olympics theme throughout and we continued this with our reccomended guest speaker, Dame Kelly Holmes.  We also arranged an unusual and engaging team building activity that resulted in the group breaking a Guinness World Record.

Each of the five pharmaecutical franchises attending, hosted a themed welcome dinner in the city so our events team had to create, co-ordinate and manage five individual themed events all in one evening.  There was also a Gala Dinner on the final night where everyone came together to celebrate their achievements and network.  This concluded in a private After Party location where our guests danced the night away.