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Training Week, Warwick

Training Week, Warwick

This kick-off training session saw delegates travelling from all over the UK and Ireland to meet at Warwick University for 4 days.

135 delegates, a new marketing strategy, a cartoonist, training coach, games night, themed dinner, stilt walkers, fire jugglers and awards.

Day One

The first plenary session welcomed the team and set out the week’s objectives and goals, focusing on last year’s achievements and what is to come, with action packed videos.  After the opening session delegates were invited to a relaxed and informal welcome dinner.  A gorgeous fork buffet was laid out with wine and buckets of beer, creating an informal atmosphere for delegates to catch up with one and other.

Day two

The second day was focused on the team as a whole and igniting the new marketing strategy.  The afternoon included a motivating and energising interactive session with a business coach.  The whole day was captured by a cartoonist who pulled all the main elements and points of the day into one all encompassing series of images for the team to keep.After an intense day, the evening was filled with fun and laughter.  Delegates could compete against each other in darts, pool, a giant Scalextrics game or challenge teams on various Wii games.  And if any of this was too much delegates could relax in a pop up spa and have manicures, pedicures or massages, followed by a movie night with popcorn, candy floss and pick’n’mix!

Day three

The third day saw delegates break into a variety of business unit groups where they participated in training workshops, seminars and demonstrations. In the evening business unit groups then set off across the city to a variety of restaurants for individual team dinners.

Day Four

The final day of conference again saw the groups break into a variety of seminars and workshops in the morning before the training week closing session. This session saw the team come together to toast their 2012 achievements and gear up for the year ahead.

The finale to the training week was a Masquerade themed awards dinner, held offsite at a local historic building.  This was coupled with stilt walkers, fire jugglers, silhouette cutters, a living table and a beautiful quartet to set the mood.  The night was an opportunity for delegates to celebrate the successes of their colleagues over the past year and motivate them for the year ahead. Over the course of the evening there were over 12 awards presented to the top performers of the year amid the wild applause and cheers of their fellow team mates. After the high of the awards dinner, delegates were transferred to a nearby nightclub for an exclusive after party with a DJ.  For those that wanted a late night snack, a vintage tricycle was set up for guests to help themselves to Hot Dogs and fried onions. The following day, despite the many sore heads, delegates set off for home on their various transfers.